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Rugged Phone Cases

Here's How a Rugged Case Protects Your iPhone


While most phone cases will offer some kind of protection, not all of them are "rugged." Rugged cases offer additional protection for your phone, beyond the usual scruffs and scratches, and are particularly famed for the impact resistance they provide. However not all rugged cases are equal in terms of the protection they offer. You might need to check out some online reviews for details and specifications. With that said, here's how you can benefit from buying a rugged case for your iPhone:


Impact resistance


Impact resistance is the stand-out feature of rugged cases. It is usually the first feature that comes to the mind of most people who are looking to protect their phones. When choosing the best iPhone case for impact resistance, the rule of thumb is that the case should meet the US Mil-STD-810F, which is the standard of protecting phones from a 6-feet fall onto concrete surfaces. This should be more than enough to protect your phone against a typical fall onto the floor. Click here for more info.


Weather resistance


Lander Bags are essential. This may not sound like much of a big deal if you spend most of your time indoors, but it still is an important factor for a lot of people. It is possible for rain to soak through your phone and damage it badly. There's also dust to consider as another weather threat for your phone. Windblown grit is known to scratch the surfaces of phones and can sometimes get inside and damage the phone's circuitry. Consider buying a brand of cases, such as Lander iPhone cases, to shield your phone from these regular but easy to forget hazards.


Water resistance


When it comes to water resistances, rugged iPhone cases can differ markedly from one manufacturer to another. Most rugged cases will provide enough protection for your phone if it got soaked in the rain, but results may vary if it got completely immersed in water. Although most rugged cases offer great all-round protection, not all of them are fully waterproof--and the fully waterproof typically provide less impact resistance


Rugged cases are known to be thicker and bulkier than regular case, but many people like them for the extra protection they provide. When choosing a rugged case for your phone, you must determine which features are the most important for you. For most people, impact resistance is the most important. A case that's both impact-resistant and waterproof will cost you a little more, but will be well worth the price. Visit to understand more about phone accessories.